PubCrawler Orientation Help: Storing Configuration Files

If you would like to make use of PubCrawler's WWW-service you need to setup a profile. An important part of this is a configuration file. This can be generated with PubCrawler Configurator. After setting up, deleting, modifying and checking your queries you will get to the 'Store/Show'-page (keep clicking on 'Submit' to get there). To store the configuration file in your profile click on 'Store Profile'.

The next page allows you to modify PubCrawler options that control how many documents are to be retrieved from NCBI and how many are to be presented in the output file.

In case you are not registered with WWW-PubCrawler, yet, type in a user name of your own choice and click on 'Submit'. If the name is in use already you will get an error message - go back and choose a different name. Follow the guidelines for registering with PubCrawler to finish up.

As a registered user type in your user name and password and click on submit to save your configuration file. All previous entries will be overwritten. That's why it is important to start from 'Modify Queries & Options if you want to change an existing configuration file, because this will incorporate all your previous settings into PubCrawler Configurator.

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