PubCrawler Orientation Help: Registering with PubCrawler

To make avail of PubCrawlers WWW-service you have to be a registered user.
There are two ways to get to the registration site:
  1. Start from PubCrawler's WWW-Service, choose a user name and click on 'Join!.
  2. Start from PubCrawler Configurator, set up your queries and at the end choose 'Store Profile' to store your queries on the PubCrawler WWW-server. If you then enter a name that hasn't been assigned to another PubCrawler user, you will automatically enter the registration process.

The following information has to be entered to successfully register:
Additionally, the following features can be adjusted to your preferences:
  1. Activation of 'Easy Check' (authentication through cookies)

  2. Optionally get a short notification or even the whole results file sent via e-mail after your PubCrawler run has been carried out (the result file can be sent in HTML-, slim HTML-, or ASCII-format);

  3. Specification of the days, at which you would like your PubCrawler job to be executed. You can also choose to suspend your job temporarily (in case you are not going to check the results for a while).

  4. Specification of a preferred time range to run your query (this is only approximately).

Once you have made the according changes click on Create Profile to finish registering.

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