PubCrawler Help: Suspending Your Jobs

The PubMed and GenBank queries you have setup are being carried out according to a schedule within your PubCrawler setup. If you know in advance that you will miss out on checking the results a few times you should make use of PubCrawler's suspension function.

How to suspend:

From your results page (<username>) click on 'Modify Settings' or go to PubCrawler's WWW-Service portal at, fill in your name and password and click on 'Modify Personal Data & Schedule'. This will bring you to a page with your current setup. One of the sections describes your schedule. You have a list of options from which you need to choose the first one ('suspend') to stop execution of your queries:

Click on the word to highlight it. If you hold down the Ctrl-key at the same time then your other selection(s) won't get lost. Type in your password (at the top of the page) and click on 'Change Data' to save your changes.

How to reactivate:

When you wish to have your queries carried out again, simply go back to your settings (as explained above) and deactivate the suspend option by clicking on it again.

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