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PubCrawler - an update alerting service for PubMed and GenBank

PubCrawler is a free "alerting" service that scans daily updates to the NCBI Medline (PubMed) and GenBank databases.  PubCrawler helps keeping scientists informed of the current contents of Medline and GenBank, by listing new database entries that match their research interests.

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:::::: Disclaimer and Copyright

PubCrawler was developed and is hosted by Ken Wolfe's lab in the Genetics Department, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
This service is free and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
It is provided to the public in the hope that it is useful.
PubCrawler queries databases provided by the National Library of Medicine, but we have no affiliation with NCBI.
Please take a look at NCBI's Disclaimer for more information about their disclaimers and copyrights.

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