Step 1 for Windows PubCrawler:
Downloading and Testing.

Please report problems to pubcrawlerREMOVECAPShelp@gmail.com


1. If you don't have Perl installed on your PC: Download Perl for Win32 - check out the Perl site for the latest version. Recommended is the complete package from the ActiveState download-site, which includes all the Perl-modules, necessary for HTTP-connections. This is freeware. Install it on your PC.

2. Download WinPubCrawler -- the Perl script and associated files (a self-extracting archive). This is freeware.
(Upgraders: Please read the README file!

3. Extract the PubCrawler components by double-clicking on WinPubCrawler.exe - This will copy the files pubcrawl.pl and pubcrawl.config into the directory C:\PubCrawler by default.
If this doesn't work, you can also download the single components in an uncompressed version (get pubcrawl.pl, get pubcrawl.config).


4. Run the program in "check-mode":

  • Open a DOS-box and change into the PubCrawler-directory (e.g. cd C:\pubcrawler)
  • Start the program by entering
    perl pubcrawl.pl -check
    (You might have to specify the complete path for perl, like C:\perl\bin\perl pubcrawl.pl -check)
  • The messages appearing in the DOS-box will tell you if everything is OK, or if there are any problems.
  • 5.  If you got no errors, run the program again without the -check option but in verbose mode:

  • perl pubcrawl.pl -v
  • You should see a lot of text appearing in the DOS-box, describing communications between the program and NCBI. When PubCrawler has finished running it will tell you so. This might take a few minutes.
  • 6. View the output by opening the file "pubcrawler_output.html" with Netscape (File -> Open -> Page in Navigator).  You should see the results of the set of searches specified in the file "pubcrawl.config" that is distributed with the program.

    If it looks OK, go onto step B

    7. If it's not working, look in the DOS-Box for error messages.  There is probably something wrong with your network, or you need to specify a proxy.  If the check-mode (point 4 above) did not report any errors, see PubCrawler's Technical Description for suggestions about how to manually configure the network settings.

    For your information....
    The PubCrawler folder contains:
  • pubcrawl.config, a configuration file (contains details of the searches to be made)
  • pubcrawl.pl, the Perl source code

  • After the program has been run, it will also contain:
  • pubcrawler_output.html, the web page with the results
  • pubcrawler_log.html a web page logging what happened when the program ran
  • pubcrawl.db, a database of PubMed and GenBank entries that have been met (and when)

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