Downloading and Installing PubCrawler (version 1.80).

Starting from version 1.80 there will be no specially packed version for Macs or Windows anymore, only the script itself: and a sample configuration file: pubcrawler.config.

Please report problems to

for Macintosh

It's as easy as ONETWOTHREE

for Windows 95/98

It's as easy as ABC

for Unix

It's as easy as ALPHABETAGAMMA

To receive information about PubCrawler updates, please subscribe to the PubCrawler Mailing List!

For information about how to compose NCBI PubMed and Entrez (GenBank) search queries, see NCBI's detailed description pages or their overview of PubMed.

Note: The first day you run PubCrawler, you will probably get a very large output file with a lot of hits.  You will also get large output files the first time you run it after changing your search criteria.  This is because PubCrawler normally compares the results of today's search to a database listing the PubMed/GenBank entries it has met on previous days, and then only shows you the new ones; but the first time you run a search, all of the "hits" it produces seem new.

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