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23/03/00 3000 Users
  Just recently we have passed 3000 active users for the PubCrawler WWW-Service (active = at least one query set up). Their email addresses point to 52 countries including exotic locations such as Belarus and Iceland.


18/03/00 Results Problems
  Since a few days PubCrawler presents "new" hits that are far back-dated. This is due to a misbehaviour of a search utility at NCBI. We have informed the people there about it but at the moment we can't but wait for them to fix it.

Note: The results are still sorted with the newest hits presented first!

Update: We applied changes to PubCrawler to fix the problem temporarily but we are still waiting for a permanent solution from NCBI.

28/02/00 Display/Select
  New modifications to the output of PubCrawler allow you now to use checkboxes to select multiple reports, e.g. to display them in a different format. Unfortunately this works only for the sections of the first database from which new hits are shown (PubMed in most cases).
Please have a look at an example for further detail.

Note: This applies only to results created after February 28th!

22/02/00 New Results Format
  PubMed is going to phase out the old version soon. We have adjusted PubCrawler's output to the new version, which will be used from today on.

Please note:The checkboxes for selecting multiple articles for download don't work with this new format. We are currently trying to solve this problem. In the meantime, please use the direct links (clicking on the author names) to retrieve articles from the results page (Tip: use right mouse button and 'Open Link in New Window').

If you experience any problems or if you have any comments on that, please send an email to pubcrawlerREMOVECAPShelp@gmail.com

21/02/00 PubCrawler Mailing List
  If you want to be notified about PubCrawler-related events (Program update, WWW-Service News, or General PubCrawler Information) you can now subscribe to the PubCrawler Mailing List: http://pubcrawler.gen.tcd.ie/mailing_list.html

24/01/00 2000 Active Users!
  In less than eight weeks the number of PubCrawler users has doubled again: there are now over 2000 active users from 47 different domains! (active = queries set up)

The following table lists the email domains of our current users:
1EDUEducational40616.8 %
2COMCommercial30012.4 %
3NLNetherlands29412.2 %
4UKUnited Kingdom27111.2 %
5IEIreland1948.0 %
6CACanada1757.2 %
7DEGermany1486.1 %
8FRFrance994.1 %
9JPJapan502.1 %
10NETNetwork441.8 %
11BRBrazil411.7 %
12ESSpain401.7 %
13ORGOrganisations381.6 %
14BEBelgium361.5 %
15ITItaly351.4 %
16AUAustralia271.1 %
17GOVGovernment261.1 %
  other (30 domains)1957.9 %
Total47 domains2419 users


Dec '99 Holidays
  The PubCrawler server will shut down at December 31st just before midnight (Irish time). If everything goes well it will be back online at January 2nd 2000 (fingers crossed). No PubCrawler runs will be carried out during that period.

Please remember: In case you are out of work over the holidays, don't forget to suspend your PubCrawler jobs!

30/11/99 1000 Active Users!
  Today PubCrawler's WWW-Service was joined by its thousandth active user. That means that within the last six weeks the number of active users (those who registered and set up queries) has doubled!

The following table lists the e-mail domains of our current users:
1UKUnited Kingdom17814.3 %
2EDUEducational17113.7 %
3IEIreland15512.4 %
4NLNetherlands15112.1 %
5COMCommercial1229.8 %
6CACanada1028.2 %
7DEGermany776.2 %
8FRFrance443.5 %
9ESSpain272.2 %
10JPJapan272.2 %
11ITItaly252.0 %
12AUAustralia201.6 %
13NETNetwork181.4 %
14BEBelgium171.4 %
15SESweden151.2 %
  other (24 domains)987.9 %
Total39 domains1224 users

Nov '99 PubCrawler Paper
  A paper on PubCrawler's WWW-Service appeared in the November 1999 issue of Trends in Genetics (Vol 15 No 11, 471-472). The full text is available online.

21/10/99 Face-lift for Results
  The PubCrawler header of the results file got a face-lift. A new button bar allows quick access to one's queries and settings, log and configuration file, or previous results. Results sent via e-mail provide the same functionality through links to prevent incompatibility with e-mail clients. Those who experience difficulties with that should check out the online help for access problems.

19/10/99 500 Active Users!
  The number of active users of PubCrawler's WWW-Service has surpassed the 500-mark. Active users are those that beside registering also have set up search queries. Cheers!

Sep '99 The new-look NCBI PubMed Service
  NCBI has installed a new PubMed Service. To advertise it, NCBI have added a larger version of the following image into PubMed search results: New PubMed Logo.
Since PubCrawler incorporates all of the information retrieved from NCBI as is, it also shows up in PubCrawler results.
NCBI has assured us that the search system (Entrez) used by PubCrawler will continue to be supported by NCBI. At present it is not possible for us to modify PubCrawler to present results in the new NCBI format.

22/09/99 Quickstart
  A new feature has been added to the PubCrawler Web-Service:
With Quickstart users can start their queries individually with the click of a button. This is particularly useful if search jobs have been suspended for a while or if a network error occured during the scheduled run.

20/09/99 Watching Your Neighbourhood
  PubCrawler now supports neighbourhood searches. They can be used to find documents or sequences related to an object of particular interest, like a very important paper or a gene that has been sequenced. For more information see the neighbour help.

15/09/99 WWW.PubCrawler.IE
  PubCrawler gets its own domain. The entry site has been set up at www.pubcrawler.ie.

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