Step 1 for Macintosh PubCrawler:
Downloading and Testing.

Please report problems to


1. Download the MacPerl application  -- version 5.20r4 (requires about 15 Mb disk space).  This is freeware.  Install it in your Applications folder.  Increase the memory allocated to MacPerl to about 20,000 K or as much as you can spare.  (See The MacPerl Pages for more info about MacPerl.)

2. Download Cron for Macintosh by Chris W. Johnson (a binhexed Stuffit archive).  This is $10 shareware (further details from this site).  Install it in your Applications folder.

3. Download MacPubCrawler -- the Perl script and associated files (a binhexed Stuffit archive).  This is freeware.
(Upgraders: Please read the README file!

4. Open the MacPubCrawler folder.


5. Run the program in "check-mode":

  • Double-click the pubcrawler icon in the MacPubcrawler folder.
  • When the command-line box pops up, type -check meaning check-mode.
  • A MacPerl window will report if everything looks OK, or if there are any error messages.
  • 6.  If you got no errors, run the program again:

  • Double-click the pubcrawler icon
  • When the command-line box pops up, type -v meaning verbose mode.
  • You should see a cycling camel and the MacPerl window should be full of text describing communications between the program and NCBI.  When the cycling camel disappers, the program has finished running.  It might take a few minutes to run.
  • 7. View the output by opening the file "pubcrawler_output.html" with Netscape (File -> Open -> Page in Navigator).  You should see the results of the set of searches specified in the file "pubcrawler.config" that is distributed with the program.

    If it looks OK, go onto step TWO

    8. If it's not working, look in the MacPerl window for error messages.  There is probably something wrong with your network, or you need to specify a proxy.  If the check-mode (point 5 above) did not report any errors, see PubCrawler's Technical Description for suggestions about how to manually configure the network settings.

    For your information....
    The MacPubCrawler folder contains:
  • pubcrawler, an executable version version of the program (a MacPerl droplet)
  • pubcrawler.config, a configuration file (contains details of the searches to be made)
  •, the Perl source code

  • After the program has been run, it will also contain:
  • pubcrawler_output.html, the web page with the results
  • pubcrawler_log.html a web page logging what happened when the program ran
  • pubcrawler.db, a database of PubMed and GenBank entries that have been met (and when)

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